Blogs have earned a reputation of a ‘great marketing tool in the hands of the common man’. Blogs – the easiest mode of self expression – while having the power of persuasion as good as a billion dollar corporate marketing strategy.

In the early years, Blogs mostly originated from the homes and kitchens of enterprising individuals. As the Internet economy gathered steam and customer’s voice became stronger, Blogs took a different course – going on to become a potent marketing tool, adding more muscle to the voice of customers.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a method of generating feeds of your blogs. These feeds can be subscribed by anybody, thus providing the ability of ‘optional and self-paced consumption’ to the potential consumers. RSS can be used in tandem with a product or service launch – It enables a firm to …
  • Announce the arrival of a new product to the subscribers of the Blog
  • Serve continuous snippets about the features of the product or service
  • Discuss in detail the technologies used in the new product
  • Solicit feedbacks from knowledgeable consumers who have been following your company’s for long
  • Involve other bloggers to generate new conversation points for your new product
The above activities in the blogosphere jump-start a new marketing campaign which is cost effective as well as highly persuasive.

Blog & RSS Marketing

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