Health & Wellness

Life in the fast lane, overdrive towards burn-out, crumbling family edifice are just some of the major factors contributing towards a misbalanced existence. In a recent report it was mentioned that, “The Health and Wellness industry is expected to be a trillion dollar industry by the year 2010, as baby boomers and fitness enthusiasts alike continue to invest in products and services that help them to maintain their health and youthful vitality.” Spirituality & Wellness has gradually come out of the shadows and become a 360* holistic treatment methodology – considered a blend of science and philosophy. The exponential growth of this ‘feel good’ industry has resulted in an intense competition between the sites.

CopperBridge Media has been one of the earliest followers of Spirituality & Wellness industry and has been working with influential bloggers, speakers and counselors to reach out to their targeted audience. According to the same report – “By the year 2010, an additional $1 trillion of the economy will be devoted to products and services that keep us healthy, make us look or feel better, slow down the effects of aging, and prevent diseases from developing altogether.” This proactive stance towards health and wellness is an outcome of years of one-sided dominance of insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Wellness sector has one of the most diversified consumer base and they come in various flavors – all related to the upliftment of human spirit, physical and mental harmony, work-life balance and a holistic health. The industry gurus have made some sensible categories with the intent of simplification – Emotional healing & Wellness, Ethical & Spiritual wellness, Vocational / Occupational wellness….

There are wellness centers around the globe which are dedicated to the upliftment of the human spirit and health – Yoga centers, Meditation enclaves and multi-religion centers. It has been seen that the awareness level of the audience is extremely high for this segment – and this is a positive factor for the professionals and online site owners – as they don’t have to spend their energy, time and money on educating their audience. An industry which was shaped by the collective intelligence and knowledge of the bloggers has now matured into a trillion dollar global industry.