If a global online business owner is told that he is only targeting 26% of the world population, that might not be very pleasant to his ears. But, that’s the truth – with more than 74% of the global online community searching in languages other than English. Even in US, more than 40% of the population is Spanish speaking – and keep in mind that Mexican Spanish is a bit different than the Spain’s Spanish.

Not many would be aware of the fact that more than 256 million Chinese are net savvy – So, is it a good idea to ignore Baidu? – the largest Chinese search engine. On the same lines – It will be a business folly to ignore Yandex in Russia and Voila in France.A recent statistics revealed that only 1 % of the English websites are translated into Spanish – and the Spanish online market represents $500 billion in value…Can one really afford to ignore the Spanish language.

As the internet economy really gets global – the need for a globally understood and searched websites will increase. Multi-lingual SEO is not only a necessity for the business owners but also a privilege for the online consumers – who can purchase the best products from anywhere in the world.

CopperBridge adopts the native rules of language and social expression which is reflected in the search patterns of consumers. The SEO methodology is adapted for the local search engines and the nuances of the local language – be it Keywords research, Anchor Text formation, Social media optimization or Link Building.

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