Venus Williams on the Moment Crocs Won Her Over & Became a Guilty Pleasure

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In addition to talking about her incredible tennis career and her new project with K-Swiss, the legend opened up about her top shoe moments through the years, including her discovery of Crocs, why she wears Ugg at home and the K-Swiss kicks she can’t give up.

Nike and Adidas Are Losing Ground to These Competitors in Womens Athletic Footwear:

“I didn’t get that many. I got the standard-issue tennis shoes by Wilson. They had these indestructible shoes and we had a pair we wore to practice and to school. I had blue and white. Serena had silver and white.”

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers $530:

“I was a little more well-funded [then], so I got to make some choices. They were questionable, though. For some weird reason, I was wearing skater and surfer shoes. I was a poser. But I’ve come through that.”

Can’t let go of:

“My Jupiterrs by K-Swiss. Even though I’ve gotten them dirty and they’ve probably lived their life, I just love them so much.”

At-home style:

“I wear a lot of Uggs in the house. They’re warm and cozy and comfortable, especially in Florida, [where] the air conditioner is always on.”

Longest-owned pairs:

“Some of my favorites are my Olympic shoes. When you go to the Olympics, they outfit you. You go to processing and they tell you what to say and what not to say. They give you all these clothes to wear from Team USA. I still have the different shoes.”

The 11 Best Dress Shoes Every Man Should Own:

“I never go past 4 inches, and that’s just if I am going to an event. There aren’t many events these days, so I’m rockin’ the flats.”

Guilty pleasure:

“I ended up getting some Crocs. I thought I would never do it, and I got in a bind. To get in a shower in the locker once, I had to buy a pair and FN cover story. And then I was like, ‘I love them.’ And then my sister stole them.”

Riskiest pair:

“Givenchy platforms. They’re amazing — and so tall. They’re comfortable, beautiful and totally mod. [They] take over the whole outfit.”

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